No. 26: "Ontario Senior Golf Order of Merit"


Did you know?

We were recently reading some information from Golf Ontario about the “Order of Merit” for Senior Golfers, and it came to our attention that the daily Senior Invitational offered 200 points to the winners of these events, all that is needed is that the complete results are forwarded to:

Jesse Mercer, Sport Coordinator, Grow Golf –

Jesse will ensure that the points become part of the individuals season long totals.

Key Senior Events and point allocations for Golf Ontario Order of Merit:

Golf Canada Men’s Senior Championship, at Cedar Brae Golf Club, Ontario, September 9 – 13 = 7000 points

Ontario Men’s Senior Championship, at Sault Ste. Marie GC, July 30 – August 1 = 5000 points

Ontario Senior Qualifiers = 500 points

Ontario Senior Champion of Champions, at Spring Lakes GC , May 13 = 1000 points

United States Senior Match Play, at Old Chatham GC, North Carolina August 24 – 29 = 8000 points

Unites States Senior Stroke Play = 2000 points

Unites States Senior Qualifier = 1000 points

British Senior Amateur Championship, at North Berwich GC, Scotland July 31 – August 4 = 9000 points

Australian Senior Championship, at Maroochy River GC, Queensland October 8-10 = 8000 points

North & South Senior Amateur, at Pinehurst # 2, North Carolina = 7000 points

Senior Porter Cup, at Niagara Falls GC, New York = 7000 points

Senior Dixie Amateur, at Eagle Trace/Heron Bay Golf Clubs, Florida December 11 to 13 = 5000 points

Glencoe Senior Invitational, in Calgary, June 14 – 16 = 5000 points

Any other multi-day invitational and Canadian Senior Golfer’s Association events = 500 points

Any single-day invitational in Ontario = 200 points

As long as the results are submitted to the GAO after the event from the host club or organizing body then the points will be applied. The current leader of the Order of Merit is Mark Brewer.

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