No. 21: "Best Friends Make the Good Times Better & the Hard Times Easier"


The Lookout Point 19th Annual Senior Invitational was held on Wednesday September 12th, 2018.

A full field of 116 players were on hand to join in the celebration of a good year for Senior golf and a great year for friendship.

We were pleased to give Ken Muir and Cal George our Friendship Award. Both are great gentlemen who have supported each other for a very long time and who find great joy in their common love of golf.

Armando Merlo and Steno Carniello, although not able to attend, were recognized for their life long friendship and fun playing golf together. It has been my pleasure to be a witness to these friendships this past summer and to be reminded that this is what golf is all about, good friends and spending time together.

The golf was very good on this beautiful day. Dan Collison was the winner of the Jack Spittle trophy awarded to our overall Champion. Dan fired a great score of 74. The Alan Shaw Shield awarded to our overall Net Champion went to Richard Kimura.

We also want to thank Chris Kelos for his generous donation to our Junior Golf Program.

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We will gather again on Wednesday September 11th, 2019 to celebrate golf and friendship.



Kingsville Golf & Country Club managed to get their tournament into the record books.

A light drizzle did not dampen the spirits of the 100-plus participants. As I looked at the list of participants, it was great to see Norm Fitzpatrick, Jim Perivolaris, Dan Colfax, Terry Austin, Rodney Dench, Dennis Murphy, Jim McCallum all in attendance. The overall Champion for the day was Jay Campbell with a great score of 72. The overall Net Champion at 61 was Larry Eueraert.

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The GAO have a full field of 64 teams that will play this week at the Brampton Golf Club in the Annual Senior Better Ball Championship. Good luck to everyone and be patient out there.


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